Message from our CEO

Carlos (Ucho) Barrera

Atlas Renewable Energy was conceived with sustainability at its core. Since our launch back in 2017, we have had the vision of being a business that would accelerate the energy transition towards clean energy while constituting itself as a force for good in the industry.

For us, this meant creating a company that would positively disrupt and elevate today’s energy sector, always putting sustainability and social progress as a core pillar of our mission.

Since then, we have been fortunate to create one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies while establishing meaningful, tangible commitments with the communities where we operate. By the end of 2020, Atlas Renewable Energy had almost 2.1GW of contracted projects under operation, construction, and development across the Americas. Together, these will provide clean energy to almost two million families and avoid over one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

As part of our efforts, we are positively impacting over a million families in the communities where we operate by creating programs that aim to amplify quality education, promote sustainable living, and advocate for gender equality. Similarly, we hold health and safety in the highest regard, and are resolutely committed to the wellbeing of our employees and partners.

Today we launch our first Sustainability Report, proud and humbled to see all that has been realized in just four years since our founding. This has been achieved thanks to the passionate individuals who make up our company.

Their expertise, innovative approach and, most importantly, their sense of humanity, has been the differentiating element in the great work that has been done, particularly from an ESG perspective.

This report focuses on our work up to the end of 2020. Of course, the world looks very different now compared to previous years. COVID-19 is something we have had to adapt to and overcome, to keep our power plants operating while safely protecting workers and helping the communities nearby to live and deal with the effects of the virus.

I’m proud of the efforts we have made to not only protect our workers and communities but to serve as a vehicle for economic recovery in the areas where we are building our plants.

The distressed state of affairs of the pandemic combined with recent social and environmental difficulties offer one silver lining: mobilizing awareness of the need to embrace sustainability as a means to rebuild economies and reduce emissions to guard against climate change.

Decarbonization is becoming a major driver of political agendas worldwide, and renewable energy is set to play an essential enabling role as the goal of net zero emissions becomes the norm. Companies like Atlas Renewable Energy have the responsibility to step forward and help spearhead this trend. And we choose to do so in a responsible way with regard for all stakeholders, acting as a steward to advance social progress.

We have set ambitious growth targets to accelerate the region’s transition towards renewables in a responsible way. At the same time, I remain hopeful that the world will continue its shift towards a more sustainable mindset.

Carlos (Ucho) Barrera
Atlas Renewable Energy