Our Approach to Sustainability

Being a sustainable business was one of the founding principles for Atlas when the company was created in 2017. Since then, we have developed our approach for what this means in practice.

We have clear alignment with several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), core pillars that define our view of what sustainability means, and a range of programs and investments to turn these pillars into practical action – both inside Atlas and in the locations and communities where we operate and where our projects are built.

Clean, renewable energy allows for sustainable economic growth and contributes to social wellbeing through job creation. It also replaces or reduces fossil fuels, protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and improving air quality.

Together, these factors improve the long-term sustainability of energy production and consumption.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help guide our approach to sustainability and inspire much of our work.

We have focused on the following nine SDGs since 2017, though continue to review what is most appropriate. These are divided into our core SDGs which go to the heart of our business, and material SDGs which reflect our processes and mission.

As our sustainability strategy continues to develop, we will review the scope of our activities and consider whether we focus on additional SDGs beyond these nine.

Core SDGs

Material SDGs

Focusing on Three Sustainability Pillars in our Communities

Bolstering Quality Education

We raise standards to address and close the gap that exists between rural and urban education by providing a range of resources to local schools.

Advocating For Gender Equality

We create opportunities for female workers where we operate through training programs and dedicated hiring policies to reduce inequalities and promote inclusion in a male-dominated industry.

Central to this is our Female Workforce Program “We are all part of the same energy”.

Enhancing Sustainable Living

We educate local communities and provide resources that contribute to sustainable living practices that could aid the local economy and uplift these communities as a whole.