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The uptake of bilateral renewable energy PPAs in Latin America has risen to record levels, but their adoption is still not fully mainstream. As pressure grows on corporations to find sustainable and economical energy solutions, we expect to see these innovative structures become a transformational feature of the region’s energy landscape – but finding the […]

The Covid-19 pandemic is pushing the global economy into its first recession since 2009, and Latin America is feeling the strain. As governments bring in emergency measures and corporate leaders enact cost-cutting strategies, a return to normality is still some way off. However, the road to recovery could be paved by the opportunities presented by […]

Innovation in solar energy is being put to the test inside one of the first Solar energy plants in Latin America.

Through a social initiative, Atlas Renewable Energy was able to offer Mexican kids in rural schools access to the worldwide web.

Latin America’s embrace of solar energy is enabling mining companies to procure more cost-competitive energy. Energy Intensive Mining in Latin America It is estimated that the global mining industry consumes 400 terawatt-hours of energy per year1, the equivalent of France’s yearly energy demand. A large portion of that energy is consumed in Latin America, home […]

Like technology, renewables continuously benefit from systemic advances. Even so, not all breakthroughs arrive in the form of more efficient solar panels. Some come from breaking ground in financial innovation. The financing of projects in the renewables sector performs the essential role of enabling the industry to progress. In other words, without viable financing providing […]