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Our history

Atlas Renewable Energy was founded by a team of executives with a successful track record in implementing numerous renewable energy projects. Bolstered by the support of the Actis Group, a worldwide leader and investor in renewable energy sources. Atlas Renewable Energy has grown into one of the most recognized renewable energy companies in the LATAM region. The company has over 1 GW of early-stage to fully operational projects across Latin America.

Atlas Renewable Energy has uncompromisingly adhered to rigorous standards in the development, construction and operation of large PV projects. This methodology aims to ensures the highest level of excellence in the implementation of its strategy in Latin America.

Our Investors

Actis is a leading investor in growth markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America that delivers consistent, competitive returns, responsibly, through insights gained from trusted relationships, local knowledge and deep sector expertise.

Founded in 2004, Actis has an unparalleled heritage in growth markets, set within a culture of active ownership and has raised $12bn since inception, operating through 13 offices globally.

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Our Pillars of Expertise


Atlas Renewable Energy develops, builds, finances, and operates clean energy projects in Latin America. Our team is committed to delivering every project to the industry’s highest standards while safeguarding the interests of stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. With a proven track record of implementing a full-cycle business model in numerous projects across the region from development to operations, we rely on our deep expertise to ensure we maximize value to all stakeholders and expand the positive impact our projects can make in cleaning the energy grid. Our approach is always to operate with complete transparency, thereby ensuring full accountability with the project’s stakeholders, and a seamless transition as we advance from development, to execution to operations.

With the second largest solar asset base in Latin America, Atlas is seen as a uniquely reliable and trusted partner re-shaping the energy landscape in Latin America.


PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Our management team has been a key pioneer of the renewable energy industry in Latin America, with a number of ‘firsts’ across the region (including the first utility scale project in Latin America). We have developed over 800 MW of greenfield projects that have successfully closed financing across multiple jurisdictions within Latin America. Our company is recognized for its focus on full-cycle levelized cost of electricity (LCOE); our aim is to maximize the asset’s potential to reduce LCOE in order to achieve the best value to our clients, while simultaneously minimizing risk.


ENERGY COMMERCIALIZATION With a track record of winning more than 1000 GWh of PPA contracts in Latin America, our company utilizes our fundamental understanding of the market to structure advantageous bilateral PPA opportunities focused on bankable long-term and stable contracts with credit-worthy sponsors. Our management team was the first to sign a private market bilateral solar PV PPA without subsidies; this achievement served as a catalyst for the industry in Latin America.


CAPITAL STRUCTURING Leveraging our long-term relationships with leading financial institutions, we’ve raised over $1.5 billion USD across five Latin American markets, and with over a dozen banks. We define a tailored capital solution to each project utilizing traditional project finance, capital markets, mezzanine, and other non-traditional financing structures.


PROJECT EPC Our EPC team have successfully constructed nearly 1GW across 12 projects in multiple jurisdictions of Latin America. We generally contract the construction activities to two or more external companies. However, Atlas oversees all aspects of engineering, procurement and execution, working closely with a filtered list of strategic suppliers, to ensure adequate risk allocation through a rigorous and disciplined EPC contracting process. Furthermore, our team has strong C-Suite executive relationships with said suppliers and contractors to ensure we are able to get the required traction.


ASSET MANAGEMENT AND PROJECT O&M Our internal asset management teams work to continue enhancing the performance of our projects after construction is completed. Applying a high standard of excellence, our company adopts a methodical approach to asset management - we closely measure each asset’s KPIs to track and enhance its profitability while tracking its environmental obligations and interaction with local communities.

Committed to Our Core Values