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Fostering Inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion

With offices and operations across seven countries, we understand the value and benefit that diversity brings to society and business.

We are committed

to enhancing diversity and creating a culture of inclusion for all our employees and stakeholders, including the communities where we operate.

We do not discriminate

based on gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, education, or sexual orientation. Nor do we discriminate based on someone’s political views, age, marital status, or other factors.

We believe in diversity

that our diversity makes us stronger and better equipped to meet and overcome the challenges faced by people across all the countries where we have a presence.

We promote and operate an inclusive workplace

for our employees. As a business, we take a firm stance on behavior or attitudes that counter our values.

Fair Recruiting Policies

At a corporate level, we have implemented fair recruiting policies, such as our blind resume initiative, to avoid unconscious biases throughout the recruiting process. This has allowed us to build a team of great individuals who excel at what they do and bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to enrich our company's ways of doing business.

We are all part of the same energy

The idea of creating opportunities for all and promoting diversity and inclusion has been expanded to our operations and communities by the program “We are all part of the same energy". Launched in 2020, the program is designed to improve access to technical skills training for local underrepresented groups interested in new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.