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Creating innovative and tailored clean energy solutions to accelerate your company’s sustainable growth.

Our clean energy solutions

Our clean energy solutions

24/7 PPAs

Clean energy when you need, as much as you need, by combining more than one clean energy technology to supply energy even at night. See how we are helping to energize Codelco's operations through a 24/7 PPA with battery storage technology. Contact us to see if a 24/7 PPA is right for your energy needs.

Regional Energy Portfolio

Project portfolio across multiple markets allows for diversified production along a smooth supply curve. Whether your projects are in different regions or states, Atlas can help structure your regional energy portfolio. Check out our wind PPA with Enel in Chile.

Joint Venture / Tailor-made PPA

Customized PPAs account for seasonality, hour modulation, and other specific needs. With joint ventures and tailored made PPAs, Atlas can help your company cut costs and reach your sustainability goals. See how we helped ALBRAS, Brazil’s largest aluminum producer, secure clean energy for their production facility.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Atlas provides Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) for international and national companies with operations in Brazil. Companies with smaller energy supply needs often prefer RECs because they can offset carbon emissions without committing to a long-term agreement. Atlas’ RECs also come with the added value of fostering all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out if I-RECs are the correct energy solution for your company.

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