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Sustainability ー Our approach

We are devoted to making

a long-lasting positive

contribution to society.

Striving to be socially and environmentally responsible not because it is required but because it is the right thing to do.

Our approach

At Atlas, we are determined to accelerate the energy transition and to do so in a responsible and sustainable way. Our approach to sustainability is guided by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our strategy is implemented throughout our organization from our corporate offices and projects to our host communities. By working together, leading by example and setting new sustainable standards for our industry, we aim to inspire and become a force for good wherever we go.

Our focus with host communities

Working together with our host communities is something that sets us apart. We are on a mission to ignite positive change in the areas that we believe matter the most: education, social justice and sustainable living.

Bolstering Quality Education

We believe in promoting education and building capacities to elevate and develop communities. By providing resources to local schools and institutions and creating initiatives to upskill locals, we aim to create a long-lasting positive impact for years to come.

Advocating For Gender Equality

Creating equal opportunities and opening spaces for underrepresented groups in our industry to be part of the energy transition has been a major focus for our company. We have focused our efforts to address unconscious biases and tackle the existing gender gap within our industry.

Enhancing Sustainable Living

We work with local communities to instill, provide and contribute to long lasting sustainable living practices, to help protect and enhance local ecosystems, aid in the local economy and provide resources for the community’s sustainable future.

Sustainability report

2021-2022 report

2017-2020 report