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Helping Communities Thrive

Working with our host communities

Since 2017, Atlas has invested in local communities and forged long-term relationships by placing integrity, transparency and ethics at the core of our business. Our approach consists of closely working with our host communities to design programs that help communities thrive and bring positive and long-lasting impacts.

Ed-Mundo Program

Our Ed-Mundo program was implemented to help kids near one of our projects to learn about computer programming languages and entrepreneurship, with the end goal to introduce these technologies and spark interest in the STEM field. Program alumni come back to help teach a new generation of programmers and entrepreneurs.

Project Carmen

In 2021, we launched Project Carmen to help a community of 300 people in Campeche, Mexico, have access to the public health system and the nearest hospital was 40km away. This initiative provided medical infrastructure and training to local women to increase health standards and create a basis for healthcare services that the local community can sustain.

Ecociclo Program

Our Ecociclo initiative was established with a clear purpose: to create an eco-friendly water sanitation cycle and promote sustainable production actions. With the local host community, we secured community health practices and bolstered food security through the implementation of eco-pits that effectively help treat household sewage water and later use it to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables.

The Pale Blue Dot

Working in partnership with The Pale Blue Dot, an organization that promotes long-term educational projects, we designed and built a digital classroom program in eight schools and a public library in the local area. The program delivered internet access through satellite and reception equipment; provided tablets and virtual reality equipment, which enabled a novel learning experience for school children in the area; and delivered a new set of content for lessons to be taught from.