Renewable energy has a natural focus on sustainability, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factor.

As a renewable energy generating company, we’ve seen how our projects under operation have helped shape the energy landscape in the region by avoiding over 1 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere in the last 4 years.

Though this is an important achievement, our efforts to be a more sustainable company shouldn’t stop there. Since our founding we have been committed to accelerate the region’s energy transition in a responsible way.

Therefore, to hold ourselves accountable, we have created our first ever sustainability report. We hope you find our takeaways insightful as we continue to build a more sustainable path for our company and industry.

Message from our CEO

Carlos (Ucho) Barrera

Atlas Renewable Energy was conceived with sustainability at its core. Since our launch back in 2017, we have had the vision of being a business that would accelerate the energy transition towards clean energy while constituting itself as a force for good in the industry.

For us, this meant creating a company that would positively disrupt and elevate today’s energy sector, always putting sustainability and social progress as a core pillar of our mission.

Sustainable, Clean Energy

It has been an amazing journey for Atlas in the last four years and even more for our team, which has had the great opportunity of creating, building and enhancing a culture which we feel part of and take great pride in. That didn’t mean we had everything in place straightaway. We have had to work hard to create the structure to reach where we are today.

Looking back, we’ve achieved so much: created our sustainability principles, built initial assessment and impact systems, recruited a talented and passionate team, refined what sustainability means for Atlas, and started developing the types of programs we want to put in place for decades to come.

Maria Jose Cortes
Head of ESG