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As a growing number of companies around the world publish commitments to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions in order to reach net zero, the pressure is on to ensure they live up to their claims. International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) can provide a certifiable way of proving corporate action to slash scope 2 emissions. Atlas Renewable […]

The mining sector is one of the world’s largest energy consumers. As renewable energies become more accessible, it’s time to take stock of what mining companies have to gain by making the switch. This topic was precisely the focus of Atlas’s most recent participation at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s annual convention, a […]

On August 16, the United State’s President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 into law, marking the country’s first-ever piece of climate legislation. At the heart of the IRA, which the president called “the biggest step forward on climate ever”, are billions of dollars in climate and energy spending that, if […]

The nature of renewable energies calls for a diversified approach toward energy production, storage, and consumption. However, there is still the desire for most large energy users to seek a one-stop-shop solution.  Atlas’s focus on tailor-made power purchase agreements (PPAs) is guided by the understanding that renewable energy efforts are more successful when they incorporate […]

Whenever money is involved—especially with contracts—things can get complex. Then add volatile conditions, such as the recent pandemic, war, the climate crisis, and inflation, and things get even more complicated. These conditions have serious side effects, one of them being currency volatility. According to a 2021 article by DailyFX, currency volatility is “characterized by frequent […]

The next iteration of the internet is fast taking shape but making it a reality will require vast amounts of energy. Ensuring the future digital landscape doesn’t become an environmental nightmare means opting for renewables, accelerating the energy transition, and locking in a lower-emissions framework. Run on networks that use consensus mechanisms such as blockchain, […]

Many companies looking to transition to renewable energy to help reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals are navigating the complexities of renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) for the first time. While every project and client is different, there are common themes that affect how an agreement is developed and executed. In this article, […]

In the wake of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in November, countries have come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century. To deliver on these commitments, large corporate energy users will play a key role. Today, a growing movement […]

Worldwide, the pressure to move toward a clean, carbon-free future is stronger than ever. Today, “going green” is more than just a lofty idea—it’s becoming the very basis of how many companies do business. According to a 2022 article in CNBC, corporate giants like Microsoft, Intuit, and Apple are examples of those leading the charge […]

Among the world’s biggest tech companies, clean energy deals and climate goals have become a source of rivalry. Today, five of the top 10 technology firms worldwide by market capitalization are powered by 100% renewable electricity. However, a gap is emerging between laggards and leaders, with some of the biggest electricity consumers having the lowest […]