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Renewable energy is now competitive with fossil fuels in many markets, and an increasing number of companies worldwide are making the switch to cleaner power. But while some businesses have excelled in their transition to green electricity, others still have some way to go. After years of slow progress, business demand for renewable energy has […]

The idea of the circular economy has been gaining political and social currency recently as governments, companies, and citizens alike make plans for a greener, more sustainable recovery from Covid-19. In this factsheet, we take a look at what makes a successful circular economy, and why renewable energy is a vital component. What is a […]

For the first time in history, this year’s Olympic flame, which burned at Tokyo’s National Stadium Olympic Cauldron in the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies, was sustained by hydrogen. The gas was created through the electrolysis of water using solar power, creating a truly green fuel that creates no emissions – unlike the propane and […]

When the world locked down it also logged on, and the rapid digital adoption brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic will continue into the recovery – and beyond. But powering the new digital normal sustainably means taking a long hard look at the energy we use, and as companies are increasingly forced to report on […]

Electric vehicles (EVs) are one of the most promising technologies for reducing emissions in global transportation, but the benefits they bring depend on the provenance of the power they run on. Today, too few EVs are powered by renewable energy. For them to be a truly green option, this has to change. The EV revolution […]

As a non-polluting and clean resource, renewable energy is key to a sustainable future. But beyond its environmental impacts, renewable energy can also contribute to social development, inclusion, diversity, and equity around the world. In 2015, the United Nations Member States adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a universal call to action to end […]

Once upon a time, a company’s success was judged solely by its financial performance. But profits alone don’t paint the full picture of how well a firm is doing. As companies begin to respond to multiple stakeholders, sustainable leadership, which takes into account environment, society, and long-term development objectives, has become vital. The global response […]

What do NASA, the Chilean Science Academy, the Canadian Society of Zoologists, and Bill Gates all have in common? They all hold the position that climate change has been caused by human activity and that it is a serious threat, along with the vast majority of actively publishing climate scientists. The debate over whether or […]

Thanks to competitive prices, technological advances and excellent financial and fiscal support, solar energy is at its most attractive yet. The time to make the switch from conventional energy to clean energy is now. Here’s why. SOLAR: THE US’s TOP ENERGY RESOURCE There is the same amount of energy in just 18 days of sunshine […]

US President Joe Biden’s two-day climate summit, held online on April 22-23, saw 40 global leaders make a series of commitments aimed at increasing cooperation to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over eight sessions, heads of state and government, as well as leaders and representatives from international organizations, subnational governments, and indigenous […]